a·gog əˈɡäɡ/ adjective 1. very eager or curious to hear or see something.

Hello there! My name is Mary Sukala. I am a twenty year old artist about to embark on her first year in university for–you guessed it–art! I have been freelance writing for just over a year and, after taking up drawing, an old best-loved hobby, I have developed a preference for creating that which expresses where words fail  rather than vise versa.

I can’t remember a time before I was into art, but for most of the past year I had a major dry spell. I didn’t think about art because I assumed that I am not actually good at it, I just get lucky here and there and have made a string of happy accidents. I was always told that I had talent, but my perfectionism sucked the joy out of drawing and shrouded me with self-doubt. But when I started going to art therapy a couple months ago, things changed. I was forced to focus on the process and not the end result, and something snapped. An imagination and ability to translate that imagination onto the page was unleashed. All my inhibitions, my crippling self doubt, were replaced by an excitement and confidence that haven’t died down since. Sometimes my ideas don’t work out or my hands struggle to bring the things in my head to life, but I am not afraid of this anymore. Perseverance trumps perfection in all cases. No one turns out impeccable piece after impeccable piece, and that is utterly okay.

In wrecking the dam that held back my bravery in art, I have developed a love of trying new things. It excites me and I am always on the lookout for a new technique, a new medium, a new style. This curiosity is where the name for this chunk of the interwebs, “Artist Agog” originates. I am an artist agog at all of the possibilities that this wonderful facet of my life holds. I hope that through this blog I can chart my growth as an artist, get some feedback and possibly tough love, discuss art-related things that are on my mind, and, most of all, connect with other artists-in-progress.

So welcome to Artist Agog. Grab your most hipster drink, sit back a while. Let’s talk art.